How To Rent A Dumpster For Your Next Large Project

Posted on: 13 September 2021


Renting a dumpster for your next project is a good idea, but there is more to it than most people think. Whether you are about to complete an enormous project or simply need to get rid of the clutter in your home, renting a dumpster is usually the most affordable way to go. The following dumpster rental guide will get you started planning containers for your project:

Dumpster Size Options

There are basically three sizes of dumpsters to choose from—small, medium, and large. These are measured but the cubic yard of waste materials that they are rated to hold. The small-sized dumpsters might have a maximum capacity of 10-yards, while larger dumpsters can be as much as 40-yards. The sizes in the middle will vary depending on where you live and the dumpster rental service you are using.

There is more than the dumpster sizes than just their capacity. You want to consider the type of materials that you are disposing of. If you are removing heavier materials, you might not be able to fill a dumpster all the way because some materials can cause the truck to be overweight when the dumpster is picked up. A driver might even ask you to remove some of the materials if they see a dumpster is too full of heavy debris. You will probably have to pay for these extra charges if you rent a dumpster and the rental service gets fined due to heavy loads.

Avoid Dumpster Rental Roadblocks

There are several issues that you want to take into account when renting a dumpster. The roadblocks with dumpster rentals begin with scheduling the delivery. Thus, you want to contact the dumpster rental service before beginning your project to ensure the delivery arrives when you need it. In addition, before the dumpster arrives, you want to prepare the area where the dumpster is going to be dropped off and make sure the truck can easily get to the location.

Dumpster Rental Vs. Alternative Disposal Options

You might also be considering some alternative solutions to dispose of waste. You might have your own truck or be considering renting a truck to haul heavy debris off yourself. This often seems like it would save you money, but it can cost you more time and money to dispose of waste materials. When you rent a roll-off dumpster, you will only need to worry about getting it delivered to your project and filling it up with the waste. Once the container is full, the dumpster rental comes back to remove it and can even drop off a new one if you have more waste to dispose of.

You don't have to spend a lot of money or time to rent a dumpster. Contact a dumpster rental service to help remove the heavy waste from your project.