Junk Removal Vs. Dumpster Rental: 3 Reasons To Choose The Dumpster

Posted on: 11 March 2020


Getting rid of large volumes of trash can be a challenge. Most residential properties are not equipped with the right receptacles to handle a lot of debris. You have a few choices available to you when it comes to getting rid of your trash. You can hire a junk removal company or you can invest in a dumpster rental.

Junk removal might seem like the more convenient option at first glance, but a dumpster rental has the potential to give you maximum flexibility and control over your trash removal.

1. More Time to Complete Your Project

Having a dumpster placed on your property can give you more time to complete your project than working with a junk removal company. You can rent the dumpster for a predetermined period of time and place trash inside the dumpster until the end-date listed on your contract.

The rental company will then come and pick up the loaded dumpster and dispose of the trash, or you can extend the rental period if you aren't finished with your project.

Junk removal companies will only make a single trip to pick up trash. This means that you will have to gather all debris before your scheduled pick-up time, which may or may not give you enough time to finish your project.

2. Lower Trash Removal Costs

Relying on a dumpster for your waste removal needs can be the more affordable option. This is especially true if you anticipate the accumulation of a large volume of debris over the course of your project. With a dumpster rental, you will pay only a single rental fee.

Junk removal companies will charge you for each trip made to your home, and for the labor required to load your trash and haul it away. Since multiple trips will be needed to get rid of large volumes of trash, a dumpster is the more affordable option.

3. Compliance With City Ordinances

You will have to take your city's ordinances into consideration when you are planning for the removal of trash during any major project. Most cities do not allow large piles of debris to be placed near the roadway or in front yards. These debris piles are considered an eyesore, and they could harbor pests that pose a public safety threat.

Renting a dumpster will allow you to apply for a permit so that the city can authorize your trash removal plan. You will avoid any fines or citations, and be able to keep your neighborhood looking nice when you rent a dumpster for your future projects.

Reach out to a dumpster rental company in your area for more information.